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I've worked for national networks and brands including:


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  • 85% of Companies Find Success With a Video Marketing Strategy.

    According to a new study by research firm Ascend2, 85% of companies found value in using video as a marketing strategy. 

  • 80% Will Watch Your Video; But Only 20% Will Read Your Copy
  • Video (YouTube) is Bigger Than CNN, TBS, Fox News, ESPN...

    According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network.

  • Video Drives Purchase Decisions.

    90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process, while videos increase people’s understanding of a product or service by 74%.  People who view a product video are 85% more likely to buy.


Lou Bortone is the "online video guy" and has been providing video marketing strategy to savvy entrepreneurs since the launch of YouTube in 2005.  "Sweet Lou" offers online marketing coaching, consulting and classes for small business owners who want more online visibility and profitability.
Bortone is a veteran of the television and cable industries, having spent over 20 years as a senior marketing executive at national networks such as E! Entertainment Television, and divisions of Fox and NBC. For more information visit:


  • I have the privilege of knowing Lou Bortone as both a private coaching student and currently part of a group called Video Coaching Mentoring. Allow me to tell you my top 3 reasons why I love working with Lou:  First of all, he is extremely knowledgable in a subject I knew very little about... all things video for entrepreneurs. Secondly, he's genuine and trustworthy.  He's really down to earth, easy to connect with, and sincerely interested in helping me succeed.  Lastly, he stands out in a crowd of so many ego-centric 'experts' in this online marketing world... which is a true breath of fresh air.  Lou rocks!

    - Jen Ohrman

  • Lou offers amazing value in everything he provides. I have taken his online course through CreativeLive, immersed myself in his video training found in his membership area, and also benefited from one-on-one coaching sessions. Every single venue exceeded my expectations; I always left the interaction with more than I had hoped for. He has a down-to-earth style, very patient, works to help find a solution that meets your needs, and has a great sense of humor, too. I feel so lucky to have worked with Lou. Highly recommend you do the same!
    - Robin Eichert, PeopleSense Consulting
  • Having Lou guide my efforts so I'm doing the right thing with video has had astounding results: we've tripled conversions on sales pages just by tweaking our video strategy! I've attracted hundreds of thousands of dollars in business, filled live events, attracted high paying clients, built buzz... all by using video the right way.
    - Nancy Marmolejo
  • Look, I can tell you that his videos have made me loads of money, how clever he is or that his technique is top notch, because it's all true. But, that's not why you choose Lou. You work with Lou because of who he is and what he stands for; a man of uncompromising integrity, profound compassion, and unflinching character, Lou will treat you like family. Oh, and his wicked sense of humor will keep you laughing through the entire process.
    - Michael Port, NY Times Bestselling Author