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Get Ongoing Video Marketing Help, Support & Accountability in Video League!

Marketing and Tech Support Right When You Need It!

Now you've got all kinds of ways to get the help and support you need, when you need it!  Whether it's on coaching calls, webinars, video hotseats, or our private Facebook forum, we've got your back!

Unparalleled Access to Lou and His Brain!

When your stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed with video-related problems, now you've got a lifeline!  You get special "almost anytime" access for Lou to bail you out!  You'll have a direct line to Lou and all kinds of cool opportunities for coaching, resources and support...

Exclusive "Shut Up & Shoot" Video Days

Need help getting that new video done?  Our exclusive "Shut Up & Shoot" Video Days provide the perfect way to get the support, know-how and accountability you need to finally get those videos done!

Anytime Admission to Lou's Labs Webinars!

The popular "Lou's Labs" webinar tutorials is back!  But ONLY for you Video League members!  You'll get exclusive access to new Lou's Labs every month, plus access to the "Video Vault" Lou's Labs replays!

New Online Marketing Modules, Every Month!

You'll get a brand new Online Marketing Module, each and every month.  Each high-quality package includes worksheets, checklists, resources, slide decks and more.  Topics are always results-oriented and include: "How to Get 3 New Clients This Month," "Raise Your Profile-Raise Your Profits," "How to Enroll New Clients With Ease," and a new kit every month!

Live Q&A Hangouts, Every Month!

Get your marketing questions answered, your videos reviewed, or jump in the coaching hot seat with our monthly LIVE meetings.  We'll get together via Hangout, Skype, Periscope, Blab!  You name it, we'll try it!  (We test these platforms, so you don't have to!)

Get Your Video Marketing On Track Today!

In addition to all the attention and support you get as a Video League member, you also get to participate in our "Shut Up & Shoot" Get-It-Done Video Days!

It's a great way to get the accountability, teamwork and support you need to get those videos done!

An important message from Lou...

Your Video League Membership Includes:

Monthly Trainings &  Video Tutorials

Exclusive trainings & tutorials - New videos every month.

Special Access to Lou

I'm never more than a call, email or FB message away!

Massive Media Library

Access to dozens of video tutorials and resources.

Lou's Labs Webinars

Monthly webinars, exclusively for Video League Members.

Member Resource Center

You'll find everything you need in our user-friendly member site.

Video Tutorials

Choose from numerous video tutorials, updated monthly.

Video Hotseats

Get your video critiques or get in the hot seat for some coaching.

Special Discounts on Classes & Workshops

You'll always get the rock bottom price on any products.

Shut Up & Shoot Days

Get your video done on our special video accountability days

Marketing Support

From monthly Q&A calls to our Facebook Forum, you get the support you need!

Monthly Coaching Calls

Join us each month and get "unstuck" with us!

Online Marketing Kits

Every month, you'll receive a new Marketing Success Kit!

Video Vault Archives

Access our extensive video resource library.

Special Bonuses & Surprises

There'll also be special surprises from "Sweet" Lou!

Private Facebook Forum

Take advantage of a friendly, supportive community.

Lou's Rolodex Access

Get access to all my secrets, shortcuts and resources!

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More Happy Peeps!

Robin Eichert

Lou offers amazing value in everything he provides. I have taken his online course through CreativeLive, immersed myself in his video training found in his membership area, and also benefited from one-on-one coaching sessions. Every single venue exceeded my expectations; I always left the interaction with more than I had hoped for. He has a down-to-earth style, very patient, works to help find a solution that meets your needs, and has a great sense of humor, too. I feel so lucky to have worked with Lou. Highly recommend you do the same!

I have the privilege of knowing Lou Bortone as both a private coaching student and currently part of a group called Video Coaching Mentoring.  Allow me to tell you my top 3 reasons why I love working with Lou:  First of all, he is extremely knowledgable in a subject I knew very little about...all things video for entrepreneurs.  Secondly, he's genuine and trustworthy.  He's really down to earth, easy to connect with, and sincerely interested in helping me succeed.  Lastly, he stands out in a crowd of so many ego-centric 'experts' in this online marketing world...which is a true breath of fresh air.   Oh, and let's not forget Rocco the Pug!  Lou rocks!

Jen Ohrman

Michael Port

Look, I can tell you that his videos have made me loads of money, how clever he is or that his technique is top notch, because it's all true. But, that's not why you choose Lou. You work with Lou because of who he is and what he stands for; a man of uncompromising integrity, profound compassion, and unflinching character, Lou will treat you like family. Oh, and his wicked sense of humor will keep you laughing through the entire process.

I followed Lou's advice for my "about" page. Used to get a 10% or less click rate. After being up for one day, using Lou's format with logos and business associations, the click rate is 35% and climbing!

Molli Nickell

Catherine Best Gordon

I just keep hitting record. I need to control the light in my environment. Still, the best part is that I'm serving my customers and getting more skilled.

"It's been not just about the technical stuff, or the video production stuff... There's been a lot of healing for some of us in this group. For me personally, it's been a lot about regaining my self-worth."

Elena  Bornovolokova

Lou Who?

Lou Bortone

Founder, Video League


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